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Having a rough day? Nothing is going as planned? Then come and relax for a bit in our little whimsical forest and help our character Manni to collect berries for his friend!

Anyway is a 2D platformer adventure in which your character sets off every day to reach his friend at the other end of the forest and deliver him some berries he collected on the way. However every day is not the same: There are some secret rules to this place which can change from day to day. So be cautious, it may be dangerous out there!  If however you make it to your friend and deliver your berries, all is well.

PC Controls

AD / Arrows left and right - Movement

Arrow Down - Camera push down

Space - Jump / Double Jump

T / Tab - Dash

M - Map / Menu

+++ Gamepad controls available as well! +++

This game has emerged from a student project at the University of Duisburg and Essen, Germany, in the summer term 2020.   It's made by a novice student indie game development team who wanted to release this game in order to make it available to a wider public. All assets are self-made.

At the moment all texts and voice acting are only available in German, but we're working on an English translation for the release.

Release is planned for 2021.

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